Touring Alaska in an R.V.

The land yacht surged and swayed over frost heaves at 65 m.p.h., each bump nudging the seemingly physics-defying craft as it hurtled down the highway. The engine purred its way

Driving the States of Maine

For such an iconic and well-traveled thoroughfare, U.S. 1 is surprisingly unknowable. Various sites and sources disagree on when it was established and how long it runs, and pretty much

Want to Go to Hawaii? Be Prepared.

Vaccinated travelers may soon be able to travel to Hawaii without testing or quarantining, some eight months after the state instituted its stern Safe Travels program. In recent days, David

Not Your Pre-Pandemic Las Vegas

A decade ago, after a rained-out Thanksgiving desert camping trip with our five kids, my wife, Kristin, and I headed to the nearest available lodging, the now-shuttered Hard Rock Casino

Make Way for the Travel Agents. Again.

With more people getting vaccinated and the C.D.C. largely giving the greenlight to travel for those who have had all their shots, a real-deal vacation this summer may be a

‘The Start of a Comeback’ in 5 U.S. Cities

As Covid-19 vaccinations have picked up and more businesses reopen across the country, Easter weekend saw a resurgence of tourist activity in some cities, perhaps indicating a turning point for