Hot Bods

Jordan Vestering, 20


Height: 1.77m Weight: 72kg

Exercise regimen: I do weight training four or five times a week. Each workout is followed by jogging 7 to 10 km around the neighbourhood. I recently graduated from polytechnic and am awaiting my enlistment.

Diet: I run long distances after working out. As such, my diet is high in protein and carbs. I normally eat chicken, beef, tuna, salmon with rice. For my cheat day, I always indulge in pizza with fried chicken wings, in moderation, of course.

Emiliza Isnain, 46


Height: 1.63m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I do Fartlek running (interval training) every morning around the neighbourhood for stamina. I try to cover 5 or 6km every day. I am doing daily Zumba fitness online via Zoom and YouTube. Every routine is at least 45 minutes. I do muay Thai conditioning once or twice a week on Zoom with my coach. This is my daily routine since the circuit breaker set in.

Diet: My meals are simple: very low carb, protein and vegetables. I stay away from sugar and milk products.

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