‘You have to get involved’ Speaker Hoyle applauds Childrens Parliament ahead of debate

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle praises the Children's Parliament

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The Speaker of the House of Commons addressed the child MPs who will debate crucial issues, largely focusing on climate change, in the chamber this afternoon. Sir Lindsay began: “In my view, people can’t start early enough to get involved in democracy. That’s why the Children’s Parliament is a great initiative.”

He told the children gearing up for their session in the Commons: “If you want to make things happen, you have to be part of it. You have to get involved.

“Campaign on something you feel passionate about.”

He advised the children to speak out and make themselves heard, making their mark at a young age on a political stage ready to listen to their thoughts.

He concluded by looking to their futures, saying: “Hopefully, we will see some of you on the green benches in the future. Or even the next Prime Minister.”


This follows the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, welcoming viewers and the child MPs chosen from across the country to “this incredible, online Children’s Parliament,” with just “moments to go” before the climate change summit hosted by the UK begins on Sunday.

He called COP26 the “most important summit, certainly, in my lifetime,” which will aim to address and reduce rising greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.

He added: “What we will be discussing matters for everyone on this planet, but for our children, and our grandchildren, it matters even more.”

The Children’s Parliament gives the opportunity to involve Britain’s youngest minds in the climate change debate which will define their lives to come, and is proudly staged by the Daily Express.

Mr Johnson said: “This is a chance for children across the UK to tell us what they think.

“At the end of the session, their findings will be delivered to me, so that when I go to Glasgow next week, I will know I am speaking on their behalf.”

He described the mission of the UN conference, which is the 26th iteration of the event, as to “get world leaders to agree to drastically reduce CO2 gases from being pumped into the atmosphere, swaddling the earth like a giant tea cosy.

The goal, he detailed, will be “to take action now to kick out coal, stop the use of fossil fuels in cars and give cash to help developing countries to go green.

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“At the same time to halt and reverse deforestation by planting trees, trees, trees, millions, trillions of trees across the world.”

The Children’s Parliament debate will feed directly to the Prime Minister, with this fantastic venture also partnered with online education platform Wakelet.

The Children’s Parliament will take the form of a fully-fledged Parliamentary debate, with half of the children representing Her Majesty’s Government and the other Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

The ninety-minute virtual session will focus primarily on climate change, but will also touch on key topics like COVID-19 and the future capabilities of technology.

Listening to children’s voices on key issues was something close to the heart of the late Sir David Amess MP, who was murdered earlier this month during a constituency surgery,

He was a champion of the Children’s Parliament, believing it was “important their views are noticed and given a platform for debate, not least so the youngsters themselves have the opportunity to listen to and learn from their peers.”

In his speech, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the late Conservative MP, “whose passion and determination helped make this project happen.”

Rounding off his words for the child MPs, Mr Johnson said: “To all those taking part, I say: your voice matters, because it’s you, and your generation to come, that will, one day, inherit the Earth.”

The Children’s Parliament will be shown live at Express.co.uk on Friday at 5pm.

Click here to register a child to be involved in the Children’s Parliament: https://wakelet.com/@childrensparliament

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