You dont say! Liz Truss has crowd laughing with Emmanuel Macron slapdown

Liz Truss makes Leigh audience laugh with jibe at Macron

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Liz Truss was challenged over the French failing to cooperate comprehensively with the UK Government to put an end to illegal Channel Crossings. Prospective voter Philip questioned the Prime Ministerial candidate about her plans for dealing with Paris were she to be elected into Number 10. Ms Truss had the crowd in stitches as she took a dig at Emmanuel Macron, citing her experience negotiating with France during the Brexit negotiations as proof of her commitment to delivering for the country.

GB News audience member Philip said: “We’ve got the French who are being completely uncooperative with this.”

Ms Truss sparked laughter among the audience when she quipped: “You don’t say!”

Smiling, Philip continued: “What I think should happen, and it’s well within the Brexit Bill when it came out, is to revoke French fishing licenses.

“If you do that, that focusses their attention on helping us, on their side, of the Channel to stop people coming over in the first people.

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“And also, we shouldn’t be sending planes full of people to Rwanda. It should be ships, those ships should be stationed in the English Channel, if they’ve got no credentials, no ID, they go straight on the boat to Rwanda.”

Ms Truss replied: “Just on the subject of the French, I did have a very tough conversation with the French Foreign Minister because the French are not putting enough staff on the borders at Dover to deal with the long backlogs.

“And I will be very clear and robust in my negotiations with the French.

“I think you’ve seen with the Northern Ireland Protocol, when we didn’t get what we needed to change the protocol and restore peace and stability, I got the Northern Ireland Bill through Whitehall.

“And I got it through the House of Commons so I’m ready to take robust action.”


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