‘WW3 now real risk!’ – Defence chief issues stern warning of world conflict ‘escalation’

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Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, General Sir Nick Carter warned the coronavirus pandemic and the social and economic instability currently crippling the world could lead to World War 3. The Chief of the UK Defence Staff warned regional conflicts across the globe could escalate as sides miscalculate the gravity of their actions. He said: “We’re living through a time when the world is a very uncertain and anxious place.

“And of course the dynamic of global competition is a feature of our lives as well.

“The real risk that we have with quite a lot of regional conflicts that we have at the moment is you could see escalation lead to miscalculation.”

He added: “An escalation means more people get involved, more weapons get involved and before you can contain it, it leads to the sides blowing in up in a full war.

“If that happens, as we saw in the last century…

“We need to remember that history may not repeat itself but it has a rhythm.

“And if you look back at the last century before both world wars, I think it was unarguable that there was escalation that led to the miscalculation which ultimately let to war at a scale we hopefully never see again.”

Asked whether he believed there is a “real threat” of World War 3, he replied: “It’s a risk, I think we need to be conscious of those risks.

“And that’s why Remembrance matters.”

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