Would love to be Prime Minister Eye-opening clip of Jacob Rees-Mogg, 12, unearthed

Jacob Rees-Mogg says ‘you cannot allow EU Northern Ireland’

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The resurfaced clip shows Mr Rees-Mogg, 12, being interviewed by a French TV channel – and reveals his early ambitions. The five and a half minute video was posted by France’s National Audiovisual Institute, Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, on Twitter.

The Tory MP for North East Somerset, now 52, put forward three life-long ambitions to his French interviewer while the pair were travelling in the back of a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.

On his career ambitions, the ex-chair of the European Research Group said: “When I am 30, I would like to be the managing director of GEC and hopefully by the time I am 70, when I am 70, I’d love to become Prime Minister.”

If his boyhood prediction becomes reality, he would become just the second Prime Minister to move into Downing Street aged 70 or older.

He turns 70 in 2039.

The only other Prime Minister to enter office at such an age was Viscount Palmerston who led a Whig Government from 1859 to 1865.

But the young Rees-Mogg told his interviewer 70 years old was the perfect age to become Prime Minister.

“At that age, you can have made all your millions or billions and you will have got plenty of money and time to spend on politics,” he said.

The young Rees-Mogg was also asked why he was wearing a ‘Love Maggie’ badge and tweed jacket.

The future Tory MP replied: “Margaret Thatcher is the best Prime Minister this century and she is getting Britain out of the recession, she is cutting [the] public sector borrowing requirement, she is reducing inflation, she is reducing unemployment.”

The Westminster Under School pre-prep pupil went on to expound his Thatcherite credentials even further.


When asked about the success of the Gang of Four leader of the SDP, Roy Jenkins, in the Glasgow Hillhead by-election, Rees-Mogg said the ex-Labour frontbencher’s victory was “disgraceful” and instead claimed the “Thatcherite” Tory candidate Gerry Malone should have emerged victorious.

According to The Times, Jacob Rees-Mogg has played down his prospects of becoming Prime Minister in 2039.

Instead, he claimed: “In 18 years I hope Boris will just be beginning the second half of his tenure.”

Rees-Mogg backed fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership contests of 2016 and 2019.

However, when the Brexit deadlock started to paralyse Parliament in 2018, ConservativeHome released a poll of 1,300 Tory Party members that revealed Jacob Rees-Mogg was the frontrunner among party members to replace Theresa May as leader.

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In fact, the poll found the prominent Brexiteer was for some time more popular with Conservative Party members than Vote Leave campaigners Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

Supporters of the North East Somerset MP even set up a Moggmentum social media account that proposed replacing Theresa May with Mr Rees-Mogg.

But in his 1982 interview, the future Oxford-graduate also discussed his plans to remain a single man.

“I intend to stay a bachelor because I don’t want to get divorced and have the wife taking all my money,” he said.

Mr Rees-Mogg tied the knot with Helena de Chair in 2007.

The couple now raise their six children in their grade-three listed home in West Harptree.

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