Why stay silent? Remainer rages hes doing patriotic duty as Brexit sinks UK

AUKUS deal is a 'Brexiteer's dream' says Nigel Farage

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More than five years have passed since the historic Brexit referendum of June 2016, which saw Britain vote by a narrow margin of 52 percent to 48 percent in favour of leaving the European Union. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has continued to insist the UK will flourish outside the bloc, as Brexiteer ministers insist the country has finally “taken back control”. But despite this, Remainers have continued to hold out hope of reversing the Brexit result and the UK one day rejoining the EU.

They have also joined forces to blame a number of issues on Brexit, most recently the shortage of HGV drivers which has led to supermarket shelves being left empty.

Now Edwin Hayward, using the Twitter handle @uk_domain_names, has claimed the ship is now “sinking” after hitting the “Brexit iceberg”, and Remainers will “now draw attention to the water gushing everywhere”.

The Twitter user wrote: “Brexiteers misinterpret Remainers’ keenness to highlight Brexit issues as ‘willing them to happen’.

“That’s as far from the truth as it’s possible to get. NOBODY wants to see the UK damaged!

“But given that Brexit IS causing a swathe of chaos, why on Earth should we stay silent?”

Mr Hayward added in a follow-up tweet: “A metaphor. We said the ship would sink if it hit the Brexit iceberg.

“Nobody wants it to sink. The ocean looks incredibly uninviting.

“But now that it is sinking, we’re jolly well going to draw attention to the water gushing everywhere.

“It would be unpatriotic to look away.”

He received widespread support from other Remainers, many of whom want it to be acknowledged that Brexit has been a failure.

David Chernaik #FBPE, using the Twitter handle @davidchernaik, replied: “All we want is honesty and an acknowledgement that Brexit has failed.

“Not much to ask.”

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A Twitter user called #FBPE #Brexit is a coup #Independence4OurNations (@EUnotCoup), replied: “Brexit hasn’t failed!

“For those who inflicted it upon us, it’s been a MASSIVE success, better than they’d dared hope.

“They now have total control of the UK to loot, collapse and dispose of as they see fit.

Twitter user Danceywoman, using the handle @jazzaoxon, wrote: “I just want the truth to be told and to be known and the UK not to be damaged, but sadly, it is.

“The truth is most important and the Government is not telling the truth so has to be called out for it.

“It is not facing up to the reality of the situation the country is now in.”

Earlier on Monday, Mr Johnson warned the post-Brexit Northern Ireland “can’t go on forever” as ministers consider the prospect of tearing up parts of an agreement with the EU.

He insisted the UK is not “trying to stoke” the problems.

The comments come ahead of a meeting with US President Joe Biden who has often made reference to his Irish heritage and has warned the Government not to damage the peace process amid continuing issues over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

UK Brexit minister Lord Frost has claimed the threshold of triggering Article 16, which would tear up parts of the deal negotiated between the two sides, has been met.

But the Government has so far not taken up that option, although there have been mounting calls from British ministers for it to happen in recent weeks.

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