Who will be the next Prime Minister? Latest updates as polls united behind Liz Truss

Penny Mordaunt backs Truss in Conservative leadership race

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Conservative members will choose between either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak during the party’s leadership election. The first few ballots have arrived this week, allowing the first of approximately 160,000 votes to filter in. The latest polls suggest it will likely go in one direction.

Who will be the next Prime Minister?

The 2022 Tory leadership race sparked weeks of infighting as MPs jostled to replace Boris Johnson.

The competition’s early days identified Mr Sunak as the frontrunner among fellow MPS.

But latest polls from grassroots Conservatives suggest Foreign Secretary Ms Truss is pulling ahead in the final phase.

Just two weeks into the runoff, Ms Truss has built a double-digit lead over rival.

The latest survey from Conservative Home of 1,003 readers found that 586 – 58.42 percent – of respondents favoured her for future PM.

Mr Sunak, on the other hand, had less than half her support with 261 backers – 26.02 percent of those who answered.

With 26 people – 2.59 percent – choosing to vote for neither, and a further 1.10 percent and 11.86 percent – 11 and 109 – voters saying they wouldn’t vote at all or didn’t know, Ms Truss had a triumphant 32-point lead.

The results corroborate those from an earlier poll conducted by YouGov for the Times, which gave her a similar lead.

A survey of 1,043 Conservative members between July 29 and August 2 found 69 percent would vote for Ms Truss, while only 31 percent favoured Mr Sunak.

YouGov’s results show the Foreign Secretary has increased her momentum over the last two weeks.

She has gained seven points since the organisation’s previous poll between July 20 and 21.

The earlier survey found that 62 percent of Tories supported her, compared to Mr Sunak’s 38.

Betmakers have taken these polls into account with their latest odds, which show an all-but-certain win for Ms Truss.

The latest predictions from Coral Bookmakers show she is odds-on to take over from Mr Johnson.

The Foreign Secretary has odds of 1/14 to become the next Prime Minister.

Those odds give her a 93 percent chance of leading the country, while Mr Sunak sits on 15/2.

Coral spokesman John Hill said support over the last 24 hours propelled her to an increasingly confident lead.

He said: “Our betting firmly suggests Liz Truss is set to win the Conservative Leadership election and become the next Prime Minister.

“The odds indicate she has a 93 percent chance of beating Rishi Sunak, following strong support behind her over the last 24 hours.”

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