Tory support PLUMMETS as pensioners turn backs in droves

BBC Breakfast: Rishi Sunak says he 'can't solve every problem'

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In a set of polls that ran from 11am on Friday, March 25, to 2pm on Monday, March 28, asked readers’ opinions on the Conservative Party’s support for pensioners and if they were now more or less likely to vote for Boris Johnson in the next election.

This poll came after the Spring Statement, in which UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak failed to announce any additional support for pensioners who are struggling with the scrapping of the triple lock guarantee and the soaring cost of living.

First asked: “Do you think pensioners have been let down by the Tory Party?”

A total of 9,594 people responded to this question with a staggering majority – 93 percent (8,967 people) – answering “yes”, they felt pensioners had been let down by the Tory Party. 

A further six percent (580 people) said “no” and just 47 people said they did not know.

Then, asked: “After this week’s Spring Statement are you more or less likely to vote for Boris Johnson in the next election?”

The majority of the 9,530 voters for this question said they were “less likely” to vote for Mr Johnson, with 82 percent (7,787 people) choosing this option. 

Meanwhile, 10 percent (971 people) said they were “more likely” and a further eight percent (772 people) said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article, with readers sharing their views on the Conservative Party’s actions towards pensioners.

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Username DavefromDerby said: “Mr Sunak has not ‘let down’ pensioners – he has targeted them.”

Many expressed that they would no longer be supporting the Conservative Party at the next election.

Username hairyass123 said: “I am a Tory, have been all my life, but what this lot have done to pensioners and vulnerable people alike is just wrong.”

And username Stephen Harrison said: “State pensioners will never vote Tory again, we have been disrespected and ignored.”

It is not only readers who are sceptical about a future under the Conservatives as weighted polling from around the UK is showing similar trends.

The latest YouGov poll for theTimes on voting intention show the Conservatives remain two points behind Labour.

The Conservative Party now holds 35 percent of the share while Labour has 37 percent.

Meanwhile, Politico’s poll of polls suggests Mr Johnson’s disapproval rating remains steady at 65 percent, compared to 35 percent approval.

Mr Sunak’s popularity has slumped in recent months with the percentage polled by YouGov believing he is doing a “good job” falling from 34 to 27 percent.

John Curtice told GB News that the Chancellor faces a “very difficult hand”. 

He said: “We have to see how much will depend on his ability to play it in the next few weeks as to whether or not he retains the confidence in the support of both the Conservative Party and also the wider public.”

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