Tory MPs rage over disgraceful betrayal of veterans in major bill change

The Government has been hit with furious reaction from Tory MPs after watering down the Northern Ireland Legacy Bill.

The changes mean that veterans would no longer be protected by the terms of the legislation. 

A senior Conservative MP described the move as a “betrayal”. 

They told the Daily Express: “This is disgraceful.

“They are doing to the Northern Ireland legacy bill what they did to REUL, watering it down in the Lords.

“The change will mean that veterans will not get the protection they deserve and the Commons voted for because it will be over ruled by the ECHR.

“They may as well throw away the bill.”

The MP added: “This is a betrayal of the people who served this country.”

Meanwhile, a Conservative source asked: “Is it a coincidence that Sunak has just been with Biden? This is the sort of thing he would have asked for.”

Last month, the Government watered down plans to repeal hundreds of EU laws remaining on the UK statute book. 

Mr Sunak was accused of striking a “grubby deal” with Brussels in order to pass the Windsor Framework. 

A senior member of the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory Brexiteer MPs told the Daily Express: “Brussels had two objectives.

“One was to keep control of us through Northern Ireland and the second was to reduce divergence from their rules. They appear to have achieved both.

“This looks like a grubby deal behind closed doors which was never made public. It may be a coincidence in the timing but there appears to be a link.

“The Bill passed through parliament unamended with no Conservative MPs voting against and then the government decides to just change it in the Lords.

“Why capitulate to some Remainer peers unless there was a deal with the EU?”


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