Top Tory blasts ‘pathetic’ French for failing to stop migrants crossing Channel

Senior Tory MP Tim Loughton warned that unless the police in France start arresting migrants and turning back vessels, the crossings will last indefinitely.

Britain has promised France £480million over three years to tackle the problem, to fund more border staff and a detention centre.

But ex-minister Mr Loughton claimed taxpayers’ money was being wasted: “They already have a huge amount of kit – drones, dune buggies and surveillance technology – and extra patrols thanks to the money we have already handed over.

“But it won’t make any difference unless the French police start arresting migrants. They don’t intervene at sea because they fear they are putting lives at risk and they don’t detain migrants on the beaches because they say they are not allowed. It’s pathetic, crazy.”

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French officials have increased interceptions, stopping at least 33,000 from crossing last year.

But Mr Loughton claimed that migrants were then free to “try again”. He added: “The French could kill this [trafficking] business stone dead.”

Some 16,790 migrants have reached the UK this year – the total for 2022 was 45,755.

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