Theresa May’s fortune in comparison to her counterparts

Theresa May reflects on her audiences with the Queen

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Theresa May did not leave Parliament entirely in 2019. She has been the MP for Maidenhead ever since her resignation. As the former PM celebrates her 66th birthday on October 1, explores how she got her fortune and how it compares to her counterparts and other former world leaders. 

In 2019, Spears magazine estimated May’s wealth at roughly £2million, garnered from her time as the head of parliament and, previously, as one of the longest-serving home secretaries in recent memory. 

However, three years later, Glusea estimates the politician is now worth $5million (£4.48million), more than double her estimated fortune when she was Prime Minister. 

May first became a member of parliament in 1997, for Maidenhead in Berkshire and served many roles in the shadow cabinets. 

In 2010 she then became the Home Secretary for six years under the Government of David Cameron. She was also briefly the Minister for Women and Equalities until 2012.

She was the longest-serving Home Secretary by 2016 and was then elected Conservative Party leader after David Cameron resigned. 

May became the second female prime minister after Margeret Thatcher and the first woman to hold two Great Offices of State in the United Kingdom.

After suffering repeated disappointments in the struggle to leave the EU, May resigned from her role as Prime Minister and was succeeded by Boris Johnson. 

Glusea notes that since resigning, the MP for Maidenhead is believed to earn £79,468 per year from her work in parliament, while the speaking engagements potentially earn her far more. 

Business Insider noted in 2021 that the former Prime Minister had made roughly £1.8million for talking engagements since her resignation. 

May reportedly joined the Washington Speakers Bureau at the end of 2019 and reportedly received a £190,000 signing bonus. 

Each engagement could offer May hundreds of thousands, such as Investment company JP Morgan Chase which reportedly paid £160,370 for two speeches in early 2020.

Business Insider reported that May was receiving an average of £112,904 for her in-person talking engagements when Covid-19 hit.

As travel restrictions began to impact her talking work, the MP began to appear virtually by September 2020, although her paycheques had taken a hit, now reportedly averaging £41,749. 

In March of this year, May reportedly earned £404,800 for a series of six engagements for the Cambridge Speaker Series in California.

Business Insider noted that the MP is not paid directly, but the money goes to the Office of Theresa May. 

According to her registered interests on the official UK Parliament website, the majority of May’s speaking income goes towards her employees, charity work and to maintain her “involvement in public life”. 

The website states that the Office of Theresa May pays the MP £85,000 per year for her speaking engagements on the condition that she commits 24 hours each month towards the engagements. 

Despite these incredible earnings from her speaking engagements, May’s net worth measures rather dismally in comparison to other former leaders. 

Celebrity Net Worth reports that May’s predecessor, David Cameron, is worth a startling $50million (£44.8million), after a hefty increase thanks to a successful publishing contract for his 2019 memoir For the Record. 

May’s successor, Boris Johnson, had a reported net worth £1.73million. Prior to his role as Prime Minister, Johnson worked as a journalist across a number of publications and was reportedly earning £864,000, almost half of which is believed to have come from his Daily Telegraph column. 

During her time as Prime Minister, May often found herself in the presence of then-United States President Donald Trump, whose considerable net worth upstaged many. 

In 2017, when he took office, Forbes reported Trump’s net worth was at a peak of $4.5billion (£4billion). Since then it has slightly lowered, with the outlet now reporting he is worth $3.2billion (£2.8billion).

Trump’s own predecessor also tops May’s net worth. Former United States president Barack Obama is believed to be worth $70million (£62million), largely due to his own successful speaking career since leaving office as well as a lucrative book deal with his wife Michelle. 

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