‘The problem is us’ Farage defends France as Brexit failures cause migrant crossing surge

Brexit: 'The problem is us' says Nigel Farage

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The UK has faced a renewed surge in migrants crossing the British Channel in small boats from France. The Tory Government has come under pressure to address the migrant crisis as over 20,000 people have already made the perilous journey this year. Political commentator Nigel Farage defended French authorities who have been tasked with preventing the launch of small boats carrying migrants across the French coastline. Mr Farage suggested the looming migrant crisis was caused by the Conservative Government’s failure to achieve a “proper Brexit” causing a lapse in border control.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Farage said: “We are predicting, here at GB News, that over one thousand people will be in the official figures tomorrow that have crossed the English Channel.

“Astonishingly, lifeboats from as far east as Ramsgate and as far west as Eastbourne were out today, that’s a 63 mile stretch of English coast.”

Last week, it was reported that over 20,000 people had crossed the English Channel in small boats this year, with predictions that the total by the end of the year will exceed the final figure of 28,526 for 2021.

Mr Farage added: “On the other side of the Channel, they are pushing off from a wider and wider area.”

He continued: “If the French authorities are really going to police 60 miles plus of French beaches, they would need ten or twenty thousand troops on the beaches – it is now virtually impossible.

“The problem isn’t the French, let’s stop blaming everybody else, the problem is us.

“We did not complete Brexit, we didn’t get a proper Brexit, we haven’t got back control of our borders.”

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Last week, Government figures recorded 1,974 migrants that were detected crossing the Channel in a total of 44 boats.

The summer heatwave has triggered a surge in Channel crossings as the calmer waters have provided better conditions for the small boats used for the journey.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Farage called for a “Brexit 2.0” in order to address the rise in illegal boat crossings.

He wrote: “Britain will never get a grip on this situation unless we disentangle our nation from the European Court of Human Rights.”

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Home Secretary Priti Patel had announced a controversial scheme to deport migrants “entering the UK illegally” to Rwanda, easing the pressure on emergency housing facilities in the UK.

However, the maiden flight to Rwanda in June was cancelled following a last minute intervention by the European Court of Human Rights.

A judicial review of the policy by the Supreme Court has been scheduled for September to determine if the policy endangers migrants and would therefore be unlawful.

As small boats continue to make the Channel crossing, the Union for Borders, Immigration and Customs warned authorities had predicted nearly 60,0000 migrants could arrive in the UK by the end of the year.

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