‘Thank God for them’ SNP nuclear record savaged as Tory MP defends UK deterrent

Stewart McDonald clashed with Laura Trott over nuclear deterrent

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SNP MP Stewart McDonald was slapped down by Tory MP Laura Trott on the BBC over the role of Britain’s Trident missile system in maintaining Briton’s security against foreign threats. “I feel a lot safer because of our nuclear weapons,” Ms Trott told the SNP MP. “I thank god for them!”


Mr McDonald told BBC Politics Live: “I think the crisis is going to cause a lot of us and it’s probably going to cause a lot of us to have to reassess the various bits of our defence and security posture we have as parties that nation-states have.

“But on nuclear weapons, our position remains the same. In fact, I think the crisis is somewhat reinforced it, to be honest.

“The only way to get the nuclear weapons removed from where they currently are and transferred is with independence. I accept the reality of the makeup of the British Parliament is unlikely to happen via that route,

“But who can honestly put their hands up and see they feel safer now with these types of threats coming from the Kremlin with nuclear weapons?”

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Ms Trott replied: “I do, I feel a lot safer because of our nuclear weapons. I really do.

“I thank God for them.

“I mean, you look do you think that this would have happened to Ukraine if they had nuclear weapons?”

It comes as Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove warned that Mr Putin will “stop at almost nothing” in his goal to conquer Ukraine.

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“His army has faced a much tougher level of resistance than it was clear he had anticipated,” he told Andrew Marr on Monday. 

“It’s also the case that he has a number of other options, all grisly, that he has at his disposal, before he ever goes anywhere near the use of tactical nuclear weapons.”

Mr Marr asked: “When Putin threatens nuclear war, uses that blood-curdling language, should we take him seriously?”

“I think we have to take very seriously the threat Putin imposes.

“But I think none of us should imagine that he is going to immediately escalate to nuclear warfare,’ replied Mr Gove. 

He added: “There are many more steps and thresholds before we ever get anywhere near there.But we do need to bear in mind that Russia has a nuclear-armed power.”

Mr Gove told Marr that the conflict in Ukraine was a “hinge” moment. 

The minister told LBC: “You can’t contemplate the land invasion of one European country by another with the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War without thinking that this is a hinge moment.”

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