Remainiac Adonis says Boris leaving No10 is his chance to CANCEL Brexit once and for all

'Bye Boris!' MPs shout at Johnson as PMQs stream is cut short

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Lord Adonis, who heads the Rejoiner campaign group, revealed the truth behind months of attempts to remove Boris Johnson as being part of a plot to take Britain back under Brussels rule. It comes as all wings of the Conservative Party – including Brexiteers and Rejoiners – appear to be turning on the Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit his Government in dramatic style yesterday.

With the Prime Minister struggling through a painful PMQs with several Tory backbenchers demanding his resignation in the wake of 16 ministers walking out of hi Government, the Rejoiner push appeared to be in full swing.

In a statement Lord Adonis, who is chairman of the fanatical European Movement, said: “Rather than making Brexit work, Boris Johnson is barely making it to the weekend.

“With every second that his fingernails dig deeper into the doorposts of Number 10, the very integrity of the Prime Minister’s office is being critically undermined.

“What started in 2016 as a false slogan on the side of a bus has manifested into a government founded upon deceit, dishonesty and delusion, setting an unacceptably low standard for public office and endorsing a dangerous leadership.”

The Labour europhile peer went on: “These lies have landed us with a tanking economy, businesses collapsing, families worse off by over £1,000 a year and a reputation so tainted that countries around the world have turned their backs on us.

“This is a critical point in the Battle for the Soul of our Country, and we can only reclaim our future if politicians from all sides put our country ahead of Boris Johnson.

“The European Movement is the only organisation with the unwavering courage to expose the calamity of Brexit and reopen the conversation about our relationship with Europe that has so devastated Boris Johnson’s leadership.”

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The comments appear the worst fears of Brexiteers some of whom stayed loyal to the Prime Minister because they believe he is the only man to get Brexit done.

But one senior member of the highly influential Brexiteer group of Tory MPs the European Research Group (ERG) told Express online: “The Prime Minister is gone.”

North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen, one of the Brexiteer spartan Tory MPs who held out against Theresa May’s compromise deal, claimed: “Actually getting rid of Boris may now be the only way to save Brexit.”

He and others fear that an election defeat will allow in a Labour/ Lib Dem/ SNP Rejoiner Alliance which will take the UK back under EU rule in stages.


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Earlier this week Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that a Labour government “would not reverse Brexit” in a major speech.

But his words have been met with disbelief with most of his party ardent Rejoiner and many MPs signed up to Adonis’s hardline European Movement.

In Prime Minister’s questions, Mr Johnson was dismissive of claims that Labour now supports Brexit.

He said: “I notice the remark about the Labour Party giving up on returning to the European Union was not greeted with rapture on the benches opposite.

“That’s because it is not true. They want to go back in.

“That’s a terrible mistake and would be anti-democratic.”

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