Remainer in disguise! Sunaks Brexit credentials torn apart as Tory leadership fury erupts

Andrew Neil asks Rishi Sunak about ‘lack of judgement’

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The former Chancellor is believed to be a staunch Brexiteer and has almost always voted for pro-Brexit policies in parliament over the past few years. Since 2015, he has generally voted against more European Union integration and has almost always voted against Britain’s membership of the bloc. Rishi Sunak served as Chancellor in Boris Johnson’s Government from February 2020 until his resignation on July 5 – during which time the UK formally completed its exit from the EU.

But former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has claimed everything Mr Sunak has done “suggests he is a Remainer”.

The staunch Brexiteer claims that despite his support for Brexit during the leadership contest, Mr Sunak could fail to embrace the UK’s departure from the EU as much as he should be.

Mr Habib told “Everything Sunak has done suggests he is a Remainer.

“All the gossip I have received from Cabinet meetings is that he refused to support Boris when he wanted to invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, and Sunak was a lone voice saying he didn’t want a bust-up with the EU.

“What’s more important? The integrity of the UK or a bust-up with the EU? I know what I would do.

The former MEP added: “Sunak says he voted Leave but he doesn’t behave like it. He could even reverse Brexit or not embrace it as much as the UK should be.

“A Brexiteer would naturally want to invoke Article 16, reduce regulations and taxes.

“Being a Brexiteer is about taking back control and making the UK an independent and nimble trading nation.

“Sunak is not and he is a globalist – he signed us up to a 15% minimum Global Corporation Tax rate. He wants to make friends with the EU. He’s not a Brexiteer.”

Mr Habib also launched a furious outburst against the former Chancellor’s credentials for becoming the next Tory leader, claiming he would cause deep divisions in the party and lose the next general election to Labour.

Since coming out on top in several rounds of voting among Tory members this month, Mr Sunak has defiantly claimed he is the best person to beat Labour and Sir Keir Starmer in the next general election, scheduled for 2024.

He said: “We need to restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite our country.

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“I’m confident that we can do that and we’ve got a really positive message to take out to all our members now – crucially, who is the best person to beat Keir Starmer and the Labour Party at the next election?

“I believe I’m the only candidate who can do that.”

But Mr Habib raged: “This is a man who is guilty of breaking lockdown laws and received a fixed penalty notice. If he is elected as leader, that will dominate his entire premiership.

“That would confirm to all doubters when people are trying to decide which party to vote for, that the Tories couldn’t care less about the law.

“Sunak has presided over the UK’s economic collapse, and by his own admission the economy needs to be rebuilt.

“On every possible metric, Sunak should not have stood and I hope he is not elected as Prime Minister. The Boris supporters would never really accept Rishi.

“They would never be a united party and there would be continued infighting.

“Taxes will not be reduced. He will make the party more divisive, make the party less electable and further trash the economy. He is a disaster on all fronts.

“Rishi becoming leader would play straight into Keir Starmer’s hands and the Tories will lose the next general election.”

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