POLL – Was Britain made a laughing stock this year?

BBC Breakfast reviews politics in 2022

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Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has claimed the UK became an international laughing stock during the political turmoil earlier this year, which saw the collapse of two governments in quick succession. But do you agree with his comments? Vote in our poll.

Sir Hoyle told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme that having three Prime Ministers in months made him feel like the only point of “continuity” in Parliament. While reflecting on the past year in Westminster he explained he had “never seen anything like it before”. He added: “We never knew who was going to be at the dispatch box.”

When asked if the upheaval had made the UK a laughing stock, he said: “It did. I think it’s the disappointment of what went on, the way it went along, you know, and people wondering what was happening to our democracy.”

He said he believed the nation’s respect for democracy was still “struggling to recover” from the chaos in addition to divisions resulting from Brexit.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign in July when his position became untenable following a series of scandals. He was followed by Liz Truss, whose premiership lasted just six weeks, leading to the appointment of Rishi Sunak.

So what do YOU think? Was Britain made a laughing stock this year? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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