‘Pathetic response from Moscow’ MP mocks Putin’s new ‘laughable’ Russian sanctions

Russia's sanctions on UK MPs are 'pathetic' says Sammy Wilson

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The DUP’s Sammy Wilson branded the Kremlin’s latest round of personal sanctions “laughable” as Moscow targeted several political figures who have been outspoken in their support for the Ukrainian defence. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a new list of sanctions on Tuesday, targeting “the media and defence lobby.” Mr Wilson appeared on a list of people “no longer allowed entry into the Russian Federation” as the MP was branded a “persons associated with the defence complex.” The politician mocked the restrictions triggered by President Putin as he said: “I don’t have a penthouse in Moscow or a boat hidden somewhere in the Black Sea, or whatever that Putin can seize.”

Speaking to GB News, Mr Wilson said: “For people who live in a democracy, where you’ve got the right to express your views, to raise your concerns, to condemn wrong actions, to see this kind of pathetic response from Moscow because I, in the House of Commons, have questioned the Government’s policy on allowing Russian money to be washed through London.”

He continued: “[I] encouraged the Prime Minister in supporting the Ukrainian Government, urged the Defence Secretary to send the necessary support, in terms of arms, to the brave people of Ukraine, met with some of the Ukrainian MPs and have given our support to them.

“Because of that, somebody in Moscow decides he’s got to be punished for that. 

“I think that for many of us, it’s laughable, it’s pathetic.”

Mr Wilson did confirm that he had denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine and lobbied for the provision of defensive support as part of his political responsibilities.

He added: “It also does raise the issue, and it’s one of the reasons that I think the Ukrainian people are right to defend and fight for their freedoms, of that kind of tyranny.

“That’s what it is, tyranny, trying to scare people. 

“It may well work with people who find themselves vulnerable within the Russian state, thankfully I’m not vulnerable so I can laugh at it.

“But, it shows the kind of tyranny for people that live under that kind of regime.”

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Mr Wilson, the Commons representative for East Antrim, is one of three DUP MPs targeted in the new sanctions issued by the Kremlin.

Gregory Campbell and Gavin Robinson also appeared alongside Mr Wilson on the so-called “stop list” issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Some of the UK’s top journalists have also been hit by the latest update in President Putin’s sanctions. 

A statement issued alongside the stop list read: “The British journalists included in the list are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information about Russia and the developments in Ukraine and Donbass.

“Their biassed assessments contribute to fueling Russophobia in British society.”

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Major media organisations, including the BBC, The Guardian, Sky News and The Times were named as the Kremlin banned some specific correspondents from future entry into Russia.

A spokesperson for the BBC said their journalists “will continue to report independently and fairly,” despite the new measures by the Kremlin.

The Russian sanctions also targeted leading figures of Thales, a defence contractor which produces missile systems and is based in Belfast. 

Similarly, the chairman and managing director group of BAE Systems, a British defence supplier, also appeared among those identified on the list of personal sanctions.

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