Oh no, Nicola! SNP warned Scottish independence ‘more difficult than Brexit’ to secure

Scottish independence 'more difficult' than Brexit claims Blackett

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have been warned that ending the over 300-year-old relationship with Great Britain will not be easy or simple. Political commentator Jamie Blackett spoke to George Galloway on RT and insisted Scottish independence would be “more difficult” to achieve than Brexit. He also added that people widely did not understand how Scottish independence would work and there was a list of issues with breaking away from the union.

Mr Blackett said: “The unity of the United Kingdom is threatened by a lack of clarity.

“People just don’t understand, they are confused.

“They are confused about what Scexit would entail and it would be every bit as difficult as Brexit, probably more so after 300 years.”

Mr Blackett explored why the currency of an independent Scotland remained a talking point in the debate.

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He insisted that Scottish citizens were being duped into a false sense of security regarding the future currency.

He said: “This business of the currency is one of the big issues.

“These Scottish banknotes enable sleeket, a Scottish word which means devious, SNP politicians.

“The existence of these Scottish banknotes allows separatist politicians to lul people into a false sense of security.

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“They say of course we can keep the pound, we have Scottish pounds, we will keep printing them.

“They forget of course that we don’t really have Scottish pounds at all, they are underwritten by the bank of England.

“That is another misnomer which I think should be corrected.”

Mr Blackett called on Boris Johnson to iron out confusing elements of Scotland’s desire to use pounds following independence.

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He continued: “I think Boris Johnson should get a grip.

“I think he should pass the clarity act, something that we have been calling for.

“I think he should rename the Bank of England the Bank of Britain because that is what it is.

“It is the British central bank, it is like the European central bank, it underwrites all British currencies.”

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