Not if its now when Boris given ultimatum as Tories drinking in last chance saloon

Neil Parish says 'We will have to replace our leader'

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Former Conservative MP Neil Parish, who resigned after getting caught watching porn in the Commons after decades in his seat, claimed it is just a matter of time before Boris Johnson is replaced as the head of the Conservative Party. However, he stressed the Tory Party is not where it was in the 1990s when the party was stormed by sleaze scandals involving secret deals with Saudi Arabian princes and extra-marital affairs among others. The scandals cost the Conservative Party the 1997 General election after three back-to-back terms in power.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Parish said: “Now, I don’t think we’re quite like in 1997 yet. And I think if we can actually sort of get through this, we will have to replace our leader. It’s not if, it’s now when.

“And I think, you know, Labour and Keir Starmer – a nice guy – but he’s not really cracking the mustard.

“The Labour Democrats yes protests vote, and they will do reasonably well. But again, their revolution never quite comes. And so, it’s not all over.

“But by God, we aren’t half drinking at the last chance saloon”, Mr Parish warned.

Reflecting on his own experience as a country councillor in the 1990s, Mr Parish said: “I mean, yeah, I know all about the 1990s.

“It’s because I was a county councillor in 1993 and lost my seat in 1995. I lost my district seat after 12 years.

“And people said to me: Neil, we really like you. You work hard. But we’re not voting conservative. And you see, you must remember that. And when you lose the trust of the people, you lose it.”

The 1990s were marked by a series of sleaze scandals within the Conservative Party, including the cash for question scandal that erupted in 1994.

The Guardian accused Tory MP Neil Hamilton, then Corporate Financial Minister, of receiving bribes from Mohammad Al-Fayed, the billionaire owner of Harrods, in exchange for pushing questions into Parliament to advance Al-Fayed’s personal and business interests.

Fear is mounting within the Tory Party that the same scenario could repeat itself in the next general election following a flurry of allegations against the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson’s Government was rocked by an investigation into lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street which resulted in several fines – including for the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

And several Conservative MPs have been embroiled in sexual assault and groping allegations.

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The latest scandal to date is Chris Pincher, the Conservative deputy chief whip, who resigned after admitting he “had embarrassed himself and other people” after reports alleged he had drunkenly groped two men at a private club.

Mr Pincher offered his resignation the day after the alleged incident took place, and he was later stripped of his whip.

In a joint letter to House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, two unions have called on Parliament to act to stop the “seemingly endless” allegations of sexual misconduct by MPs.

The Sunday Times revealed a total of 56 MPs are facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

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