Nigel Farage predicts the END of Boris Johnson as leadership strategy crumbles around him

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage argued that Boris Johnson needs to make changes to his leadership strategy or risk losing votes across the country. While speaking on talkRADIO, Mr Farage argued the Prime Minister had not lived up to his promises on Brexit, immigration or to businesses. The former Brexit Party leader insisted this would prove to be the end for Mr Johnson unless he made significant changes to his leadership strategy.

Mr Farage said: “Why has Boris Johnson got an 80-seat majority?

“He has got it because he gave a robust message on Brexit, a robust message on immigration and he said he would fight for the little guy.

“He said there would be a levelling up that would go on in this country.”

Mr Farage also insisted Boris Johnson needed to change his leadership tactics quickly if he wanted to keep votes in the future.

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He said, based on the last few days, it seems like the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson.

He said: “This, Mr Johnson, is not what people voted for.

“If you think doing what David Cameron did, going down a line that is popular with the Notting Hill dinner party set is going to help you in the country, you have got the completely wrong thought process here.

“People want genuine, strong leadership, they want people to stand up for the country, stand up for Brexit, control our borders and actually help the little guy.

“Help the six million people out there, men and women running their own businesses acting as sole traders.

“Many of them have been thrown under the bus during the course of this pandemic.

“That is the way the Conservative Government keeps the blue-collar vote, keeps the working-class vote in the north of England and Boris Johnson is running a mile from it.

“Looking at what has happened over the last few days, I think, it is the beginning of the end of Boris Johnson’s premiership unless he changes his tact very quickly.”

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Mr Farage then accused Boris Johnson and his Government of nepotism and criticised their ability to lead the country.

He said: “All we have seen is a Conservative Government, a chum-ocracy with their mates that work in big business, lobbying companies and parts of the media dishing out contracts.

“These are contracts given out to their friends without any due process whatsoever.

“They have maintained corporatism and not helping the little guy.”

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