Nicola Sturgeon torn apart after publishing plans to get second referendum

Nicola Sturgeon questioned by Marr on whether she will resign

Nicola Sturgeon has published plans to have another referendum despite Boris Johnson insisting the vote should be once in a generation. Douglas Ross erupted at the plans and questioned why planning does not exist to protect Scottish jobs and rebuild the education system. He told Times Radio on Sunday: “He was asked about the SNP’s “roadmap to a referendum” on independence – an 11-point document which set out how the party would take forward plans for a second vote.

Mr Ross said: “Why don’t we have an 11-point plan to protect jobs in Scotland?

“Why don’t we have an 11-point plan to ensure businesses get the support they need?

“Why don’t we have an 11-point plan to rebuild our education system in Scotland?”

He added: “This is where the focus should be in Scotland right now, not fighting another independence referendum.”

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Mr Ross added: “I don’t believe there should be another referendum.

“I am proud of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom.”

He was asked if Nicola Sturgeon’s response to the pandemic had dealt a blow to his defence of the Union.

Mr Ross said his party was calling for an inquiry into care home deaths in Scotland, adding: “Ultimately I don’t think many people could honestly pick big differences between how both the UK Government and Scottish Government have responded to the coronavirus pandemic during the last several months.

Boris Johnson is ‘scared’ of democracy says Nicola Sturgeon

“It does seem to be more about appearances rather than actual differences in the response.”

Asked why the two governments’ handling of the pandemic appeared different to many people, Mr Ross mentioned the First Minister’s daily coronavirus briefings.

He said: “Obviously the UK Government did have daily briefings, they stopped and then they restarted again.

“But I think the communication element of this is one area where the perception has proved to be different compared to the reality on the ground.”


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The First Minister has said Boris Johnson is “frightened of democracy” on the question of another referendum on Scottish independence.

She quoted Robert Burns during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, saying the Prime Minister’s opposition to a second referendum reminded her of the poet’s “timorous beastie”.

It comes after the Sunday Times reported a series of opinion polls which found voters across the UK believe Scotland is likely to become independent within the next decade.

She said: “When I hear Boris Johnson talk about this I bring to mind a Burns poem: ‘Cowerin’ timorous beastie, what a panic’s in thy breastie’.

“He’s frightened of democracy. The polls now show that a majority of people in Scotland now want independence.”

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