Mild disease is incorrect Whitty sends urgent warning on how dangerous Omicron really is

Chris Whitty 'knows what he's talking about' says Dr Amir

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Speaking at a press conference in Downing Street on Tuesday, England’s Chief Medical Officer said Britons should be under no illusion that Omicron is not as dangerous as previous variants as he sought to clamp down on theories spreading about the variant.

He said: “Rates in older people look as if they are still going up, these are the people which are much more likely to be hospitalised.

“The thing which is much more likely to reduce that… is the fact that people have got boosted.”

While in a sobering warning, he added: “The idea that this is a mild disease as opposed to less likely to be hospitalised I think is easily demonstrated to be incorrect.”

He stressed that anyone who is eligible “should get boosted” in a further plea to the British public to protect themselves from serious disease. 

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While he stressed there was a “variety of different patterns” in hospitalisations, London has been in advanced of the rest of England.

He said: “The numbers however are goinh up, they may be slowing, but they are still going up.”

The Chief Medical Officer also stressed that the impact of mixing on New Year’s Eve will not be felt until later, which he suggested could change the data.

Sir Chris also added that up to December 28, the majority of people that were admitted to hospital and have COVID-19 will “have COVID as their primary reason for admission”.

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BORIS JOHNSON warned anyone who believes the battle with Covid is over is “profoundly wrong” as he urged Britons to prepare for a chaotic month ahead.

Boris Johnson delivers press conference on Omicron variant

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After assessing the situation with senior ministers this morning, he said he was putting the NHS on a “war footing” but would not be introducing further legal restrictions. The Prime Minister backed sticking with Plan B measures to “ride out” the massive wave of Omicron cases.


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The Prime Minister addressed the nation after a dramatic surge in case numbers over the Christmas holidays that has seen daily infections top 200,000.

More than one million Britons are currently in isolation after testing positive in the past week and hospitalisations have ramped up over the festive period too.

More than 1,000 people have been admitted to hospital every day since December 19.

However, the total number of people on NHS wards with Covid currently stands at over 14,000 – far lower than the peak 39,254 in January 2021.

Omicron being called a 'mild disease' is 'incorrect' says Whitty

But he added for a “significant minority” that is not the case, where they instead contract COVID-19 in hospital but were not admitted primarily for the virus.

Speaking at the press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson dealt grim news to the nation as he warned the UK’s battle with Covid is far from over.

He said: “Anyone who thinks our battle with Covid is over, I’m afraid is profoundly wrong.

“This is a moment for the utmost caution.”

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It comes as 110,000 staff were off sick on New Year’s Eve with almost 50,000 cases due to Covid.

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said this morning that the staffing situation in hospitals is “almost impossible” as leaders try to manage their resources.

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