Liz Truss launches new challenge to Sunak over tax rises

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Liz Truss has launched a challenge to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s tax rises, calling for the UK to pursue a growth agenda. The former Prime Minister said the UK needs to “do things differently” as it has had “low economic growth for over a decade”. She warned the UK is “falling behind other countries”, adding: “There’s no doubt there’s a problem”.

But, taking a swipe at Mr Sunak, the UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister warned that the solution is not “putting up taxes or restricting business”.

While she said she has “learnt a lot” from her time in office – saying she “understands what some of the pitfalls are” – Ms Truss called for the UK to pursue an agenda which involves Brtain “growing faster and becoming more competitive”.

In her first TV interview since resigning as Prime Minister, Ms Truss told Spectator TV she does not regret going for Prime Minister.

But she denied wanting to return to Number 10 as Prime Minister again.

She said she “definitely” wants to be part of “promoting a pro-growth agenda” going forward, confirming that she will continue serving as an MP.


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