Labour’s anti-monarch, anti-Britain hard left lingers for Starmer

Anti-monarchy protests ‘crass’ says John McTernan

It does not take much scratching of the surface to see what lies under the skin of Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party. In fact, a cursory browse of Twitter usually reveals the truth of what lurks beneath the respectable facade. And hard left Norwich South MP Clive Lewis has gone out of his way to show what many Labour activists really think.

The former Corbyn ally has produced a video complaining about the monarchy and explaining why people “should care” negatively about the Coronation.

He lambasts the King for his mother the beloved late Queen Elizabeth II for exempting herself and her successor from 160 pieces of legislation.

He complains that the King does not have to pay some taxes and has amassed a fortune of £2 billion.

The leftwing MP whines that this is at a time when he claims three million children face abject poverty.

“Our monarchy isn’t a social glue,” he said. “Rather it is a gilded veneer that makes grotesque disparities of wealth and power seem normal.”

He is urging followers on social media to sign a petition demanding that royal exemptions on laws are ruled out.

For all Starmer’s attempts to align himself with supporting the monarchy and his words of congratulation to the King at PMQs on Wednesday, it is hard to escape the conclusion that if Labour was elected to power then Lewis is far more reflective of what it really thinks.

The distaste and disdain for British traditions, history and institutions keep popping up just as Starmer tries to squash each one in a sort of weird political whack-a-mole game.

How do we know this to be true?

Well, the Labour Party members and union members voted in Corbyn handsomely in 2015.

Then, to win power Starmer had to pretend he supported Corbyn and would continue his policies. It was only after that he U-turned on everything.

And Lewis’ video is just one of the politer forms of hatred towards the institution at the top of our political system.

We only have to consider people like David Beckett, the Labour council candidate who was suspended after describing in another tweet the King as a word which equates to being a criminal sexual pervert.

Beckett clearly could not restrain himself and lacked Lewis’ finesse.

With elections today though it seems like many people who share these views will be elected to run England’s town halls up and down the country.

Some, of course, take the view of former Tony Blair advisor John McTernan in the video above that such views are crass.

Sadly, McTernan and his ilk are still possibly in a minority.

Next year, though, when we have a general election these issues will be much more significant.

Starmer has performed so many U-turns it is very hard to know what sort of Labour Party might be elected to government.

The suspicion is that it is the sort of anti-monarchy, history and free speech cancelling, woke party which we all fear.

Such a government could wreak untold harm to this country and its heritage.

After all just look at Clive Lewis’ video, look at the way Labour MP Rosie Duffield who stood up for women’s rights has been ostracised by the party, look at the image of Starmer taking a Black Lives Matter knee.

The evidence is before our eyes and will matter at the election next year.

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