Keir Starmers own goal exposed as hes hit with huge consequence for sacking Sam Tarry

Sir Keir Starmer comments on Sam Tarry's sacking

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The latest tracker polling for by TechneUK indicates support for the Opposition dropped to 40 percent as the gap between Labour and the governing party narrowed to seven points. The Conservatives also saw their popularity with the public increase by one percent as it looks increasingly likely Liz Truss will win the contest to replace Boris Johnson as Party leader.

Labour has held a strong lead over the Tories for months as a result of the fallout surrounding Mr Johnson’s premiership.

But the boost caused by the dramatic fallout in the Tory party appears to be over, with the gap between the parties closing.

TechneUK asked 1,649 people across the UK online on July 27 and 28 who they would vote for if there was a general election tomorrow.

Their survey took place as the row over Sir Keir Starmer’s sacking of shadow transport minister Sam Tarry played out.

The Ilford South MP defied party orders on Wednesday morning to appear alongside striking rail workers causing misery for millions of Britons across the country.

He also gave a series of media interviews in which raised eyebrows, including a pledge for an at least inflationary pay rise for public sector workers.

Sir Keir’s decision to axe Mr Tarry from his frontbench role sparked outrage among left-wing Labour MPs and ripped open the rift that has damned the party for years.

The Labour leader said he sacked Mr Tarry for booking himself onto media programmes without permission and making up policy “on the hoof”.

On Friday morning, Mr Tarry appeared to issue a direct threat to Sir Keir’s leadership, saying it was “time to fight back” and “reclaim our party”.

He said: “Let’s be absolutely clear – it is not good enough, it is not good enough for the Labour Party to say that we probably won’t be able to give you a pay rise in line with inflation.

“Because that means the Labour Party is committed to cut people’s wages in real terms and that is totally unacceptable.

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“If I’m sacked for having said that live on TV and not supposed to have been on that picket line then people need to have a really hard think about what the Labour Party is for.

“Because for me the clue is in the name: Labour. On the side of working people.”

While the Tories have been locked in their own bitter battles in recent weeks, their small increase in voting intention comes at the same time Ms Truss appears to have extended her lead among party members for the leadership.

TechneUK found she is now the favourite for the top job among 48 percent of Conservative supporters, compared to 43 percent who prefer Mr Sunak.

Many in the party believe it is now inevitable the Foreign Secretary will be the next Prime Minister.

The results of the leadership election will be announced on September 5.

Both rivals battling to replace Mr Johnson have been cut-throat in their language about each others campaigns.

However, they claim they will come together at the end of the contest to unify the party.

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