Jacob Rees-Mogg tears apart SNP as he accuses them of ‘running Scotland into the ground’

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The SNP is responsible for “undermining” Scotland’s education system, according to Jacob Rees-Mogg. The Leader of the House of Commons clashed furiously with SNP MP Dave Doogan over the Scottish Government’s domestic record. Mr Doogan had raised fears that the Government’s Internal Market Bill could “threaten the very fabric of Scotland’s separate and independent education system”.

He told the Conservative MP: “Many Angus constituents have contacted me concerned that Scotland’s high teaching standards will be diluted as a result of the UK Internal Market Bill, the potential of creating a UK-wide view of teaching standards, as this Bill currently seeks to do.

“It risks imposing lower standards on Scotland that threaten the very fabric of Scotland’s separate and independent education system, which as the Leader will know, was provided for in the 1707 Act of Union.

“Teachers regularly come and teach in Scotland from other jurisdictions and are highly valued, but in every case, the professional standards and requirements must be met.

“So can we have a debate regarding the need to protect the Scottish education system from the UK Internal Market Bill?”

However, Mr Rees-Mogg was not as convinced of the danger possibly being imposed by the legislation.

He shot back: “The Honourable Gentleman knows that the UK Internal Market Bill devolves a great deal of power.

“I think 70 powers are being devolved that were with Europe and are now coming back to the UK onto the devolved authorities.

“I fear that if we were to have a debate on standards in Scottish education, it would be why the SNP has been running them into the ground in its period of running the Scottish Government.”

The minister added: “The record of the SNP is absolutely appalling, as the Honourable Gentleman present knows only too well.

“Scotland, as the Honourable Gentleman rightly says, used to have one of the best records.

“It is the SNP who have undermined that while they have been in Government.”

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The latest international rankings, released in December 2019, gave Scotland a mixed report on their education system.

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) found that the country’s maths and science scores were falling.

However the reading skills had improved.

Compared to the other home nations, it was ahead of Wales and Northern Ireland.

However they did come up slightly behind England.

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