Italian MP chased out of parliament by security for protesting green pass – VIDEO

Italy: Politicians protest vaccine passport rules in Parliament

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An Italian MP fled parliament after he was chased down by security officials for holding up protest signs that said “no green pass.” Video footage shows numerous MPs following him and holding similar signs. It comes as the Italian government, looking to contain a fresh surge in coronavirus cases, announced on Thursday that from next month people must present proof of immunity to access an array of services and leisure activities.

The so-called Green Pass is a digital or paper certificate that shows if someone has received at least one jab, has tested negative or has recently recovered from COVID-19.

As of August 6, the pass will be required to go to gyms, swimming pools, sports stadiums, museums, spas, casinos and cinemas. Eating in indoor restaurants also requires a pass.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi told reporters: “The Green Pass is essential if we want to keep businesses open.”

However, divisions within his unity government meant that proposals to include trains, public transport and domestic flights in the pass system had to be shelved for now, with the rightist League party warning it would kill tourism.

By contrast, the cabinet agreed that discos should remain closed, even for those with a Green Pass.

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