Harry Kane should have something to say about Iranian women

Antonio Conte praises Harry Kane

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Harry Kane should have “something to say” about the plight of Iranian women in the post match interview following the Three Lions clash with the Islamic Republic, according to a Question Time panellist. Speaking last night’s edition of the show in Suffolk, Trevor Philips fumed that the decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar was “mad”.

The former head of the Commission for Racial Equality joked that Qatar was an “obvious” place for a World Cup with 40C heat and little in the way of footballing tradition.

He said: “It’s pretty straightforward. You know a country where the average temperature is over 40C.

“There were no stadiums it’s not got a big tradition of football.

“It’s the obvious place to hold a World Cup isn’t it.

“That was a decision that was just mad, it should never have been taken.

“But of course we know why it was taken money, money, money, money and more money.”

However, the former chair of the London Assembly raged at the virtue signaling of top football stars.

He argued that the England skipper could make an appropriate stance by supporting the “heroic” struggle of Iranian women in a post match interview following England’s clash with Iran on Monday.

He said: “I think there are two things you could say about this.

“One is I think those football stars who never tire of telling us about their attachment for human rights and a better world and all that malarkey.

“I suppose if somebody gave me £150million there’s a lot of things I would do.

“But I don’t think I’d trash my entire reputation for it.

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“I think they could do something to solve this. I think that you should watch it. I think you should cheer for our country.

“And I think what you should also do is hope that when Harry Kane speaks in the aftermath wither we win or lose interview on Monday.

“Where we’re playing Iran I really hope that Harry Kane will have something to say to support the women of Iran who are conducting the most heroic struggle in the world.”

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