Germany warning: Dangerous combination as Greens set to destroy Merkels legacy

Angela Merkel: German citizen slams COVID-19 rule 'chaos'

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Back in 2018, the German Chancellor announced she would stand down as leader of the CDU at the party convention. She said she would not seek a fifth term as Germany takes to the election polls this year.

In January, Armin Laschet was announced as the new leader of the CDU party after beating rival Friedrich Merz in a digital leadership election.

However, her party has faced mounting pressure ahead of the upcoming election and there has been a movement in the “hierarchy of Germany’s political parties”.

As support for the Greens soars, Marcel Dirsus, a non-resident fellow at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University, warned the Greens would “turbo-charge” German freeloading.

He tweeted: “It’s odd to see parts of the American foreign policy blob get so excited about the Greens after hammering Germany for an unwillingness to use hard power and low defence spending for years.

“The Greens would turbo-charge German freeloading so be careful what you wish for.”

In response to this, Ulrike Franke – senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations – warned the Greens would be “less willing” to fund German military power and the country’s geopolitical power.

She tweeted: “I agree with this.

“I worry the German Greens will be more hawkish when it comes to rhetoric towards China and Russia.

“But they will be less willing to fund German military power and thus bolster Germany’s geopolitical power.

“Which is a pretty dangerous combination.”

This comes after a poll – published by Pollytix Strategic Research – put the Greens in the lead for the first time since June 2019.

Over the last two weeks, six out of 10 studies found the little-known party had an advantage over the other political powers in Germany.

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In a new survey, pollsters Kantar gave the Greens a three-point lead, on 27 percent of the vote.

A total of 1,442 people were surveyed between April 22-28 as part of the study.

This would put Annalena Baerbock, the party’s candidate to become chancellor, in a strong position to select from a variety of coalition partners to form the next government.

There would likely be power-sharing deals with the CDU, the Social Democratic Party, the Greens Democrats or the Social Democratic Party and left-wing Die Like.

Ms Baerbock, the Green candidate, vowed to push through significant reforms when she launched her leadership campaign.

“Experience can act as drag, tying you to the past.” Der Spiegel, Germany’s largest weekly news magazine, wrote of Ms Baerbock’s candidacy.

“New, visionary ideas often come from young minds.”

The 40-year-old, who has never held high office, proposed limiting the number of terms a German chancellor can serve – a direct attack on Mrs Merkel’s near 16-year rule.

Mrs Merkel has been widely criticised for her handling of the coronavirus pandemic and Germany’s sluggish start to its vaccines campaign.

The country remains under a tough lockdown with its jabs drive only starting to pick up pace in recent weeks.

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