‘Cup of cold sick’ Scholz plan ‘to strip Germany of sovereignty’ shows Brexit is right

Germany slams UK for breaching Brexit agreement

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The Bruges Group took to Twitter to blast Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, for its plan. They tweeted: “The new German government’s sovereignty-stripping agenda further vindicates our decision to leave the European Union.

“It’s also likely to go down like a cup of cold sick in Central Europe…”

Mr Scholz spoke of the push for a German federation at the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe.

He said: “A sovereign Europe is the key for our foreign policy.

“As an economically strong and the most populous country in the heart of Europe, it is our mission to enable, foster and advance a sovereign Europe.”

The Social Democrats, Greens and the liberal FDP in Germany all agree that a coalition between the parties would push for a fully-fledged European federation.

Nicola Beer, who co-negotiated the Europe section of the coalition agreement for the FDP, said: “Everybody who has joined the club has subscribed to adhere to the rules of the club, and this definitely includes the independence of the judiciary.”

But Twitter users were split over the calls from Scholz for stripping the country of its sovereignty.

@Monty3812 said: “A bit rich Germany finger wagging at Poland about rule of law.

“A lot of less ardent remain voters saw federalisation as a distant possibility.

“Interesting that it’s a German political crisis forcing the pace.”

@SJRandom2 tweeted: “‘We need a European Federation!’”

“Imagine my shock, Germany wanting to make a federal Europe…

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“I seem to remember all the Europhiles saying that would never happen, much like Clegg saying the idea of an EU army was a dangerous fantasy, which then turned out to be true.”

@TuppenceworthUK tweeted: “When you read the article, the only concrete reforms are the ability of MEPs to introduce draft laws and more QMV in the Council.

“Both of which are democratic reforms in principle I guess.

“The federalisation agenda seems to just be aspirational.”

Adam Wolf tweeted: “A federation…

“So they want the EU to dictate everything from Brussels and essentially dissolve the countries.

“Power hungry a**s.”

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