China vulnerable as countries furious with Beijing to exploited Xis Achilles heel

China: Beijing is 'Achilles heel' of global trade says MP

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Tory MP and Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee Tobias Ellwood insisted the UK and other nations can exploit China’s Achilles heel. During an interview with, Mr Ellwood noted that China’s behaviour domestically and internationally has been unacceptable and the Communist nation must be prevented from continuing on this path. The Tory MP argued one of the greatest ways to do this is to influence China’s economy.

He insisted China remains reliant on the countries of the world for trade.

With this in mind, he suggested new global and security trade rules to ensure China is not free to do what it wishes with impunity.

Mr Ellwood said: “The big Achilles heel I think that is worth stressing between China, as there is a potential cold war we are heading towards, is trade.

“China requires a relationship with the rest of the world to trade, to feed its growing middle class.

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“To allow its economy to flourish, unlike the Soviet Union which was very independent and very self-sustaining.

“If we are to turn China around, and China isn’t going anywhere, this is China’s century.

“Then the way we are going to do it is establishing a set of global trade and security rules for which the majority of the world’s GDP must sign up to.

“Then obliging, giving other nations that get caught in between a choice between which way they look.

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“At the moment we are not there yet, we don’t have a counterweight to what China is doing.

“There is an attitude towards China but no strategy.”

Mr Ellwood has previously been critical of the Government’s decision to cut the foreign aid budget and argued it opens the UK up to future dangers.

While speaking on GB News he expressed the difficulties to face the UK in the future: “The world is becoming increasingly more dangerous and more complex.

“There is very much a 1930s feel to the world right now.

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“Threats are increasing and diversifying, authoritarianism is rising and extremism hasn’t gone away despite our success in the Middle East.

“We have got an ever assertive China and Russia and climate change is going to present a new host of challenges.

“We need to make sure that we have the soft power, half power to deal with what is coming over the horizon.

“I think this has been a retrograde step.”

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