‘Can’t even answer basic questions!’ MSP tears SNP independence hopes apart in BBC rant

SNP 'can't answer basic questions' says Jackie Baillie

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Speaking to the BBC’s ‘Any Questions?’ Deputy leader of Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie vented her frustration at the Scottish National Party’s refusal to answer “basic questions” on what an independent Scotland would look like. In a damming analysis of the SNP’s campaigning efforts for a second Scottish independence referendum, Ms Baillie explained how the party have not outlined key issues such as currency and the economy. She branded the SNP’s offering as a “blank sheet of paper”.

The Deputy Scottish Labour leader said: “We are coming out of a covid pandemic we should be entirely focused on recovery.

“The reality is the SNP at its core has an independence referendum and independence is the key offer.”

Ms Baillie went on to say: “What they’re saying is it’ll be within two years, Mike Russel even said it would be within six months, it’ll be there by Christmas.

“But the reality we have no idea what it means to people.”

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The Labour MSP then went on to deliver a stinging blow to the core of the SNP and their plans for Scotland.

She slammed: “There is no economic assessment, no economic prospectus for one of the major decisions being made by the Scottish government!”

Ms Baillie said how “it’s a completely blank sheet of paper” adding the SNP’s plans are “simply unacceptable!”

And she concluded saying how the party “can’t even answer basic questions on currency!”

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Speaking to Channel 4 news on Monday night international trade expert Dr Thomas Sampson issued a grave warning to Sturgeon that Scottish independence would cost up to three times more than Brexit and destroy the Scottish economy.

Dr Thomas Sampson, a specialist in international trade at the London School of Economics, said: “My research finds that independence would be around two to three times more costly for the Scottish economy than Brexit.

“Reducing Scotland’s income per capita by somewhere between six and nine percent.” 

The international trade expert added “that’s coming from the additional cost of trading across the border.”


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He went on to say this would lead to ”higher prices and fewer opportunities” for exporting for Scotland and its economy.

But appearing on Andrew Marr last Sunday Nicola Sturgeon was asked by host: “Don’t you think it’s shameful that a government looking to take Scotland out of the UK hasn’t even bothered to look at the impact on the economy?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “If I was asking people a week on Thursday to vote on the question whether or not Scotland should be independent then yes, I would agree with that.

“But I’m not asking people to do that on Thursday and if I was to do all that modelling now, we would have to redo it when asking people to make that choice… I believe it is only right to ask people to make that choice of that magnitude on the basis of quality, up-to-date information.”

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