Boris on alert as polling guru Curtice says first time in history Scot independence BACKED

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A Panelbase poll revealed 54 percent of Scots would back ‘Yes’ in an independence referendum whilst support for ‘No’ stood at 46 percent. Professor Sir John Curtice who analysed the poll commissioned by The Sunday Times Scotland predicted that the SNP would win 11 seats at Holyrood giving them 74 of 129.

Alongside this, Professor Curtice claimed that the average of the Panelbase polls over the last six months, including the latest, put ‘Yes’ on 51 percent and ‘No’ on 49 percent.

He stressed it was the first time in polling history that ‘Yes’ had been ahead for such a long period.

The poll also found widespread appreciation of Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the coronavirus crisis with the First Minister’s approval rating at 60 points whilst Boris Johnson’s approval rating on the crisis was at minus 39 points.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Professor Curtice, said: “Never before have the foundations of public support for the Union looked so weak.


“Our latest poll from Panelbase confirms other recent polling that has suggested those who intend to vote ‘yes’ in a second independence referendum have nudged ahead.

“Support for the SNP is also at a record high.

“Panelbase’s polls conducted over the past six months, including today’s, have on average put ‘yes’ on 51 percent and ‘no’ on 49 percent.

“This is the first time in polling history that ‘yes’ has been ahead over such a sustained period.

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“Support for independence is up three points on that recorded on average last year – and six points in 2018.”

Professor Curtice claimed that those who switched from a No to Yes were among people who voted both Remain and Leave in the EU referendum.

He also stressed that the Scottish public appeared to support the Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic much more than that of the UK Government.

Keith Brown MSP, deputy leader of the SNP, said the poll shows people in Scotland have confidence in the party to run Scotland.

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Reacting to the poll, he added: “This out-of-touch Tory government exemplifies the very worst of the Union, and Boris Johnson may be the best recruiting tool for Scottish independence since Margaret Thatcher.

“The majority of polls since the Westminster election have had Yes in the lead – majority support for independence is now the established position of the people of Scotland.

“On the basis of this sustained record support, it’s impossible for the UK government to deny Scotland a choice over its future.

“It’s clear that people in Scotland have confidence in the SNP, and in Scotland’s ability to govern itself – and want nothing to do with the Prime Minister and his cabinet of Brexit cronies.”

The latest Panelbase poll contacted 1,026 voters in Scotland between Tuesday and Friday.

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