Boris Johnson warned things could worsen as more fines are set to come out

Boris Johnson may face further future fines warns Hope

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As Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak battle to explain their lockdown fines, experts have warned the “problem might get worse” as the release of the Sue Gray report looms over Downing Street. Christopher Hope, politics editor for the Daily Telegraph has highlighted concern “there might be more fines down the track.” The partygate scandal continues to heighten as “a lot of MPs withheld their support” for the Prime Minister following a police issued fixed penalty notice for breaching lockdown restrictions. Mr Hope speculated the pivotal report “may be published as soon as next week,” to reveal the true extent of lockdown failures among the country’s leaders.

In discussion with broadcaster Jeremy Vine, the politics editor surmised the UK could see “a slew of other fines over the next few days.”

The Prime Minister, along with his wife and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has been handed a penalty relating to his birthday gathering in June of 2020.

Boris Johnson has issued “a full apology” and explained he did not believe his actions during the pandemic “might have been a breach of the rules.”

Hope mocked the excuses of the Prime Minister and claimed his denial “comes down to semantics.”

The leader of the Tory party continues to refuse the gathering could be considered a ‘party’ and argued it was a coincidence the meeting happened to coincide with his birthday.

“It comes down to whether there was a cake at the party,” quipped Hope, “the cake stayed in a tupperware box for the nine minutes he was there.” Hope continued.

The journalist mused the Prime Minister “wasn’t aware it was a party,” and has excused his behaviour on the fact a “cake wasn’t produced”.

Hope highlighted the debate surrounding partygate has so far centred around “small areas” and the Sue Grey report is set to reveal far greater insight into the controversy.

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Presenter Jeremy Vine suggested the Prime Minister hoped “terrible events in other parts of the world distract his MPs” so he is able to “blunder on through” his turbulent leadership. 

Boris Johnson has presented himself as the face of European support for Ukraine’s war against invading Russian forces.

Hope agreed the Prime Minister’s efforts in the “West’s response against the invasion of Ukraine” has dominated much recent political debate.

As a result, Hope was cautious surrounding demands for Boris Johnson to resign as removing the face of Western support could “do Putin’s work” to weaken Ukraine’s global allies.

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Ultimately, Hope hinged prospects of a total review of Downing Street actions on the release of the Sue Gray report. 

The coming report investigates politicians accused of “not following the rules in Number 10”.

Initial findings of the report published in January noted a “serious failure” of the Government to follow the very covid restrictions they developed.

The findings explained there was “too little thought given to what was happening across the country in considering the appropriateness of some of these gatherings.”

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