Biden takes swipe at Sunak for not doing enough to end Brexit deadlock

Joe Biden greeted by Sunak as he arrives in Northern Ireland

Joe Biden has rebuked Rishi Sunak for not working more closely with the Irish Government to break the Brexit deadlock in Northern Ireland.

The US President also claimed “hundreds” of US corporations were ready to invest in the region but were “cautious” about the lack of devolved government.

In a speech to the Irish parliament in Dublin yesterday, Mr Biden touched again on themes he focused on in an address in Belfast on Wednesday when he expressed hopes of a return to powersharing and insisted stable governance at Stormont could deliver an economic windfall for the region.

However, his remarks in the Irish capital on Thursday went further, particularly his assertion that the UK should be working more closely with the administration in Dublin to support Northern Ireland.

He said: “I think that the United Kingdom should be working closer with Ireland in this endeavour.”


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