‘7 Labour MPs given jail sentences!’ Marr skewers Starmer over attacks on Tory sleaze

Keir Starmer grilled by Marr on selection of Labour candidates

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During a discussion about the ongoing Owen Paterson scandal, who resigned as an MP following a lobbying debacle, Sir Keir was questioned by Andrew Marr about Claudia Webbe, the Leicester East MP who on Thursday was handed a suspended 10-week jail sentence and 200 hours of community service for threatening an acid attack on a woman.

Sir Keir was adamant the correct procedures are in place in selecting and disciplining MP’s who commit misconducts before going on to lambast Prime Minister Boris Johnson who he accused of handling issues entirely differently.

Andrew Marr slammed: “She [Webbe] is one of seven Labour MPs or former Labour MP’s who have been handed a jail sentence, suspended or otherwise, in the last 10 years.

“Do you not think you have to look more carefully about how you select candidates in the future.”

Sir Keir was insistent that the “fundamental difference” was that when a Conservative MP does wrong Prime Minister Boris Johnson “protects his own” and “undermines the system” instead of routing the rot.

He added: “Or me, who says the standards matter, and if there is a finding against one of my MP’s we stand by it and we take strong action.”

Sir Keir stressed how Labour have expelled Webbe for her conduct and that he said was the difference between Labour and the Conservative Party.

He said: “When Claudia Webbe was charged, the Labour Party suspended her, when she was convicted, we didn’t argue with the conviction.”

He went on to slam Webbe, demanding her to “stand down” or Labour would implement a recall petition which would trigger a by-election in her Leicester East constituency.

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