Coronavirus in Colorado, June 21: A look at the latest updates on COVID-19

In a pandemic, Father’s Day looks a lot different than in other years. Our reporter, John Wenzel, writes that “this year feels less like a celebration and more like a quick back rub before I return to the ring.”

Around the country, states like Arizona are reporting large spikes in coronavirus cases as businesses open back up and restrictions are lifted. Many experts agree that the U.S. is still in its first wave of COVID-19 cases with the threat of another looming over plans for the fall.

In Colorado, cases have surpassed 30,000 with 1,429 deaths directly caused by the new virus.

What’s new

  • Second wave of coronavirus cases? Experts say we’re still in the first
  • Colorado State Fair re-imagined amid coronavirus
  • Working from home: The pros, cons and potential pitfalls of it becoming permanent
  • Amid pandemic-induced budget cuts, Colorado law enforcement begin to implement sweeping police reform
  • Don’t miss:  Coronavirus pushed this nursing home facility to its limit as it preyed on Colorado’s most vulnerable population


  • Denver’s free COVID-19 testing at Pepsi Center now open to anyone who may have been exposed
  • Colorado coronavirus data tracker: Where are cases being reported?
  • More symptoms, no slam-dunk drugs: What we now know — and still don’t know — about the coronavirus
  • Frequently asked questions about coronavirus in Colorado
  • Coronavirus timeline: An in-depth look at COVID-19 in Colorado
  • Colorado unemployment FAQ: How to apply, details about missing PINs and more
  • Do I have the coronavirus? Here’s what to do if you’re not sure.
  • Colorado coronavirus housing FAQ: Resources for renters and homeowners
  • How social distancing works and what it means for you

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