Troy Aikman Showed Off His Ripped Abs at Age 54 in a Shirtless Photo on Instagram

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, NFL Hall of Famer, and Fox Sports analyst Troy Aikman may have retired from the NFL in 2000, but he certainly hasn’t paused his commitment to a regular gym routine—and he has the body of someone half his age to prove it.

In an Instagram shot posted on April 11, Aikman, 54, showed off his impressive physique while out on a boat trip in Florida with his former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. Though Aikman hasn’t played pro football in over 20 years, he still has six-pack abs.

“What a weekend,” Aikman captioned the photo. “Lots of laughs with great friends reminiscing our time together in Dallas and celebrating @jimmyjohnson4616. We are all indebted to Coach for changing our lives.”

Johnson, an avid fisherman, posted the same photo to his Instagram account, captioning the shot, “Great friends on the water!”

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Though Aikman seems to have enjoyed the time off with his buddies, it’s fair to assume he’ll be back to a regular gym routine in no time. One need only consider his most recent IG activity, in which Aikman revealed that part of his workout routine includes lifting weights while using a balance board and working up a sweat on his Peloton.

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As you might suspect, diet also plays a role in helping the former QB stay lean. In a recent GQ interview, Aikman said he sticks to a fairly basic diet of fruits, veggies, fish, and lean meats. He also recently cut back on sweets like peanut M&M’s and ice cream in favor of juicing. “I read how a celery juice was a big thing,” he said. I’ve been doing that each morning and I’ve really noticed a huge difference in the way that I feel.”

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