The drive of the body: Why a good metabolism keeps you fit

You feel exhausted and without energy, even though it is actually healthy to the core? This could be due to a poorly functioning metabolism, also metabolism called.

But don’t worry: He can usually be easy to stimulate, so that the body breaks down back to the optimum of the nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and co. in the cells, remodels, and everything in the body running around.

Break down and build up the metabolic processes

Many equate metabolism with digestion. “That’s not quite right,” says nutritional medicine Prof. Matthias M. Weber of the University medical center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.

The metabolism refers to all biochemical processes, which proceed in the cells of the body. The digestive process is only a precursor.

A distinction is made between the catabolic and anabolic metabolism. Catabolism means to break down: nutrients are broken down into molecules and chemical Compounds.

Of carbohydrates sugars are simple, made of proteins amino acids fats fatty acids and glycerides. So energy arises.

Anabolism means to Build up: This process helps, for example, to repair cells. Made up of amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are again.

“They help to fight against such infection and to repair injuries,” says the Internist Prof. Johannes Georg Changer. He is the President of the Federal Association of German nutrition physicians.

Among other things, provide proteins, fats and carbohydrates for muscle building and cell renewal.

High energy intake has been done on the duration of

Excess energy, which the body does not need, comes to some extent in stock – it ends up in the fat or muscle cells, where it is waiting for retrieval.

Problem: Who regularly receives more energy than is required by the body to take weight. You want to keep the prevent or, at least, within limits, should you move on a regular basis and so burn calories.

And how it works to lose weight? “The importance of a balanced and complete diet is not last in the case,” says Matthias M. Weber, who sits on the Board of the German society for endocrinology.

Thus, grain products, oat bran, legumes and vegetables to rain, a full metabolism. This is also true for low-fat protein found in lean meat and fish.

A lot of the digestion and the metabolism, bringing a drink on your toes. An adult should take according to the German nutrition society (DGE) daily at least 1.5 liters, and ideally water or unsweetened tea.

The escape mode to avoid

On the way to an optimal metabolism, stress helps removal. Because Stress puts the body in a kind of escape mode and mess swirls as a result, the metabolic processes properly.

Even small breaks and rituals in everyday life can help to consciously breathe, or a few minutes of fresh air at the window catch, for example.

“Also, a restful sleep is crucial to a well functioning metabolism,” says nutritional medicine Weber.

The metabolism runs, around, the, in his words, even to stay naturally young. “Without a doubt, you are gaining years of life.”

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