Success story: Jessica has defeated the cancer and 80 kilos removed

No matter how bad things supposedly in your own life, you should never give up hope and always try to fight.

The best example that it is worthwhile to set for your own future and health stuff, is the 24-year-old Jessica – a true power woman.

Despite their young age, many people can certainly cut off a regular slice of their joy of life as well as your stamina.

For your health fight

In the last few months, it has not decreased, only 80 kilos, she has defeated a malignant Tumor in your lymphatic system.

All Of The Attention!

But that’s not enough: The young woman has now made it their task to motivate other people to support their life due to mental.

Jessica’s Instagram channel, on which she shares her story, follow, in the meantime, about 670.000 people.

And this will not only get plenty of Fitness and nutrition tips, but also a lot important wisdoms given.

“Life can be hard, but always think of the worse Situation you could be you just are,” she writes under a Post, which is reminiscent of sections of your life.

“Be grateful for where you are. Positive thoughts take you further in life!”

The Motivation, in the body feel good

However, until you get to this mental point, was Jessica’s a roller-coaster ride of life at its best: During her youth, she grew more and more until you eventually passed the 145 kilograms.

A long time, they pushed it, however, and their habits are finally changing. “I often had in my head of how I wanted to lose weight, but I never started really.”

To felt this time, because of their weight weak and tired. “I’ve always lived like that, but it was exhausting to be so obese”, recalls the young woman.

“I had no unhappy life. But I just liked how I felt in my own body. This has motivated me to change something.”

Cancer fighting, free-to the top

However, while she started working on her body, came unexpectedly the blow of fate: Into your lymphatic system a malignant Tumor was discovered, which had to be treated with radiation therapy.

The irradiation weakened Jessica’s body and saw a hair. They built in the shortest time a considerable amount of mass, especially your hard-earned muscle disappeared. In the meantime, she weighed only 60 kilograms.

But even that was for the power woman is no more reason not to continue to fight for their health and to exercise. In the meantime, she worked again on trained 70 kilograms.

A reason to quit, this is not for a long time. Jessica wants to make your life continue to be sporty and healthy. For yourself and your health!

Cornelia Bertram

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