Since the beginning of the pandemic: More than 600,000 Corona-the Dead world

Since the beginning of the Corona-pandemic U.S. science died, according to worldwide, more than 600,000 people after infection with the Virus.

This was highlighted in data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In the meantime, there are already more than 14.2 million confirmed infections with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2.

Only three weeks ago, the threshold of half a Million dead and 10 million confirmed infections had been exceeded. Since then, it has spread of the pandemic in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, India, and South Africa more quickly.

A quarter of the deaths in the USA alone

About a quarter of the world’s confirmed infections and deaths are eliminated Johns Hopkins, according to the United States, a country with approximately 330 million inhabitants. In the second place, Brazil is cases, with over 2 million known infections, and around 79,000 death.

Relative to the number of inhabitants, the number of the dead is, however, in some European countries higher. In the US, for example, Johns, died, Hopkins, according to 42 people per 100,000 inhabitants, in Brazil 37. In the UK, however, this value is at 68, in Italy 58, in Sweden, 55 in Germany, at 11.

Underreporting according to experts, higher

The website of the Hopkins-Uni is regularly updated with incoming data, and therefore shows a higher level than the official Figures of the world health organization (WHO). In some cases, the Figures have been corrected and also back down. Experts in each and every case of a higher number of unreported cases.

The WHO said in its situation report from the Saturday of 13.9 million confirmed infections and 593.000 deaths.

The Coronavirus pandemic began around the turn of the year in China. The novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.the lung disease Covid-19 trigger, which can be especially in elderly or immunocompromised patients, fatal

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