Muscle soreness: Effective fascial Workout for more mobility with Kaya Renz

As a result of ambitious training objectives: Every few days you must be the body something to rest, and a “Rest Day” insert.

Those who begin with the feeling of doing nothing, however, knows nothing, for there is an alternative plan: a fascial training.

The Roll out is not only relaxing, but also helps to reduce muscle soreness and improve the mobility of the body.

This topic has gewittmet fitness coach Kaya Renz in her new Video and shows you the best for the Fazien.

Fazientraining: The Preparation

For the fascia, training it just needs a comfortable fitness Mat and a fascial role – that’s it.

17 minutes of the Workout in which the athlete shows will take the entire body of the calf up to the neck with the black lets roll edit.

If you’re on the so-called trigger points, i.e. Places that feel particularly painful, you need to edit these points in a little longer. Thus, a Denaturing of the fascia can promote.

The end of the fascia-Workouts

First of all, Kaya starts with the calves. This makes the foot very loosely, so that the pressure of the fascia roller can penetrate deep into the connective tissue.

Especially those who runs a lot, will find working with the fascial role at the beginning, maybe even a little uncomfortable, because the fascia are glued properly.

Next the thigh is to be processed: First the Hamstring, then the lateral, outer leg muscles, and then the inside of the legs.

It continues through the buttocks to the lumbar. In the latter case, please with a lot of caution, because of the lower back many people are often very tense and, accordingly, sensitive.

For the upper back, it is important that you roll directly on the spine, but on your flanks to get to the muscle strands.

If you come to the shoulder area, shows Kaya how to use the blackroll sent for a chest opener, can, by placing it below your shoulders and you, then on the role in a pleasant hyperextension.

Usually dieFaszien bonding not only in the shoulder area, but by shoulders are also on the front of the sternum. However, this Exercise can help great.

The very end of the neck massage. But beware! Here, as in the rest of the parts of the body, rolled. Instead, the neck is placed just on the role and active right-to-left shot. That’s good enough for this sensitive body region.

Important notes for execution

To all regions of the body respond to the Exercises in the Video very quickly.

In principle, however, should be significantly rolled more slowly, so that the fascial net has plenty of time to respond to the pressure adequately. You give me so more time in the day.

Otherwise, one more important note to conclude: if you are prone to varicose veins that roll better only in one direction and to the heart.

Basically, it is not in the fascial research is still not quite in agreement as to the approach to the Roll out, the better: The Back – and-forth or rolling in one direction only.

Who have varicose veins, however, or other circulatory disorders tends not can under certain circumstances cause a Irritierung of the venous valves, if he or she is working at the fascial massage consistently to the heart.

Here, it is worth it to go so easy on the safe side.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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