Losing weight in the summer? Charité Berlin is called water at 22 degrees as a factor of influence

The summer is here, but the figure is still missing? How to get there? Can you lose weight just due to the summer heat and a few beads of sweat on the forehead? So it is not easy, but the warm temperatures will help indirectly in the process of the Plan from the dream body in reality. (Also read: Isotonic beverage – what is the effect you have in the Sport is really on the body?)

Charité Berlin: Half a Liter of increased energy turnover

The temperatures and cracking in the summer, the 30-degree mark, we sweat often at the slightest movement. During exercise, it may even happen that a the sweat runs the body down. However, even though many people still believe, that alone would help you lose weight, it is necessary to do this a little more.

According to a study by the Charité hospital in Berlin Drinking a half a Liter of tap water increase that the energy turnover of normal-weight men and women around 50 kilocalories. In Obese – at least two-thirds of adults in Germany – is the reason sales with ten to 30 percent, according to the results of a follow-up study.

Cold water nervous system and cell metabolism stimulates

The reason is that Cold water in the case of the study, it was 22 degrees – stimulates the Central nervous system and cell metabolism. This so-called "thermogenic Wirkung" of drinking water, the additional energy consumption due to the heating of the water in the body – anyone who wants to lose weight to use.

The Forum is drinking water e. V., commented on the results of the study, summarizes the results as follows: "The recommendation to drink plenty of, is a component of many slimming programs. So far, this advice-based, but rather to the fact that water is free of calories and by Drinking a feeling of satiety can occur. The present study shows that the water drinking is also directly with the energy consumption in connection."

In the case of the great heat: Less Hunger, less calories

Many people know that there is outside a summer heat, then you make it better than in the Winter, to reduce his meals. In heat that often, less hungry, and thus takes over the day for less calories.

In addition, an increased Level of physical activity will ensure that the pounds fall off. In the warm Season, most of the people get more often on the bike, spend your leisure time with a Swim, or overcome, once more, to go a jog in the Park.

Turkish scientists: sports can reduce Hunger

A study of Turkish scholars had in addition to the result that Hunger is reduced by Sport – at least temporarily. So Sport has two positive effects for weight loss: It of calories to melt and prevents excessive Hunger. (Also interesting: these 5 calorie, you should pay attention to)to fall in the summer

The high summer temperatures, therefore, are not per se responsible for the fact that it works with the Decrease in the heat better. The circumstances in the warm Season, however, are extremely favorable, the project weight loss address.

And the Best part: Who can harvest starts early enough so that, in the late summer, maybe even the fruits of his efforts and with a wonderful beach figure for the summer end.

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