Johns Hopkins University: 10 million Corona cases and almost 500,000 Deaths worldwide

About six months after the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is according to US scientists, more than ten million confirmed infections and more than 500,000 deaths.

This was highlighted in data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The most recent data, the full extent of the Corona pandemic reflect probably only in part: according to experts, in many countries there are a high number of unreported cases of infections and deaths that were not confirmed by Tests.

Even in the USA, experts of the government assume that, due to asymptomatic cases is only a fraction of infections will be recorded.

In addition, the measures to address the pandemic have triggered in the meantime, the worst global recession since the world economic crisis, some 90 years ago, such as the International monetary Fund warned this week.

Only the coming year is expected to recover in the economy – if the Virus should be brought in the course of the year largely under control.

USA particularly badly affected by Coronavirus

The worst of the health of the pandemic affected the country the United States are to follow. There was to Sunday with 2.5 million, the majority of confirmed infections and more than 125,000 Victims, the most well-known Corona-related deaths.

On Saturday, authorities had reported there Johns Hopkins, according to 45.255 confirmed infections – the largest increase within a day since the beginning of the pandemic.

Especially the Federal States in the South of the country, such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California reported the highest levels of new infections. A decrease in the pandemic seemed, therefore, first of all in point of view.

Globally, Brazil, where the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2 spread also rapidly followed in second place. There was Johns Hopkins, according to the 1.3 million known infections and around 57,000 deaths.

In relation to the confirmed Corona-infections in Russia (630.000), India (530.000) and the UK (310.000) followed.

The number of victims in the United States, with its 330 million inhabitants, is the world’s highest in absolute Numbers. Relative to the number of inhabitants, the number of the dead is, however, in some European countries higher.

In the USA, around 38 people per 100,000 inhabitants died to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, according to. In the UK, this value is rounded at 66, in Italy, at 57 and in Sweden at 52 – however, in Germany at 11.

The website of the Hopkins-Uni is regularly updated with incoming data, and therefore shows a higher level than the official Figures of the world health organization (WHO). In some cases, the Figures have been corrected and also back down.

The number of daily reported in Corona, new infections have climbed, according to the world health organization (WHO) to a new record value.

Within 24 hours, worldwide, to 189,000 new cases had been registered, according to the WHO, in the evening.

The WHO has repeatedly pointed insistently to the fact that pandemic have not lost any of their dynamics. The organization expects to your count soon with a Exceed the Ten million mark. The table from the evening shows 9,84 million Corona cases worldwide.

The Coronavirus pandemic began at the end of 2019 in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. The Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.the lung disease Covid-19 trigger, which can be especially in elderly or immunocompromised patients, fatal

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