Drugs to swallow: So it works with tablets and capsules

Mouth, tablet clean and with a SIP of water, simply wash it down. It could be so easy – but with the thoughts of great medicines, a kind of swallow barrier to many people.

What are the Tricks to help when taking capsules and tablets?

In the case of tablets, the Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) recommends the so-called Pop-Bottle technique.

In the process, the drug on the tongue, takes a spirited swig from a bottle and swallows all in one train. Important: There is no air in the bottle is allowed to occur.

Swallowing big capsules doesn’t work best, if you tilt your head back – but first of all to the front.

It takes the capsule now with a swallow of water, which floats the capsule to the back of the throat and sliding down.

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Use caution when Splitting tablets

In order to facilitate the taking of tablets, there are plenty of people on the drugs – but not every tablet is suitable.

Even if the tablet has a break line does not mean that you are allowed to share also. Here, patients should read the package insert or pharmacist’s demands.

Because the unauthorized Cutting of tablets could reduce the effectiveness or cause serious side effects.

For example, a prolonged-release tablet is to lowering blood pressure lowering blood pressure over several hours to moderate. It takes such a tablet is broken, the blood pressure in the short term, too strong.

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