8 leggings with pockets for when you need to train hands-free

These leggings with pockets will let you go hands-free on your next run or gym trip. 

Leaving your phone at home while you workout isn’t always doable. First, there’s the safety aspect. But for many, running without a playlist blasting or a podcast to keep us company just isn’t as exciting (and music can actually enhance physical performance), and we need our phones to time our rest breaks between sets when we’re in the gym. 

Unfortunately though, the best answer to our problems also seems to be somewhat elusive. Pockets on activewear are hard to come by – as they are on most women’s clothes generally (we want cocktail dresses with key compartments, please!). Yet having storage in your workout clothes is one of the smartest (and most straightforward) additions that save you from gripping your phone as you run or leaving your device on the grubby gym floor. 

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While you do really have to scour the internet to find some nice looking workout leggings that also come with practical pockets, there are some great quality pairs if you know where to look. Here are eight we love… 

The best leggings with pockets

  • Tala SkinLuxe Leggings

    Leggings with pockets: Tala

    These super-soft leggings feature a zipped pocket at the back for the safest stashing of your phone. They’re sustainably made, game-changingly soft and still provide comfortable compression so they don’t slip when you stride.

    Shop Tala SkinLuxe Leggings, £54


  • Lululemon Fast and Free Tight

    Leggings with pockets: Lululemon

    These naked sensation tights are designed to minimise distractions by staying close to the skin, so your valuables are secure and don’t wriggle.

    Shop Lululemon Fast and Free Tight, from £74


  • Pocket Sport Claude Leggings

    Leggings with pockets: Pocket Sport

    These leggings are the perfect full-length cut for both short and tall people, complete with a subtle yet deceivingly large front pocket. Tuck away your card, phone, keys or cash into the thick waistband for a roll down-free workout. 

    Pocket Sport Claude Leggings, £48


  • Gymshark Speed Leggings

    Leggings with pockets: Gymshark

    The zip pocket is the safe cherry on the cake of these leggings. Made from soft compressive material with a drawstring waist to keep your valuables from flying around, they have everything you need to motivate you to run.

    Shop Gymshark Speed leggings, £35


  • Adidas Designed To Move Aeroready Leggings

    Running leggings with pockets: Adidas

    If you find it hard to run with a phone strapped to your leg, these Adidas leggings with a hidden pocket on the back are a great alternative. To keep it secure, the waistband is extra thick which also means they’re fall-down-free.

    Shop Adidas Designed To Move Leggings, £35


  • Sweaty Betty Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Leggings

    Running leggings with pockets: Sweaty Betty

    Don’t be put off by the fact that these are yoga leggings, because the sweat-wicking and fast drying material of Sweaty Betty’s high-waisted leggings are suitable for all workouts. Plus, they’re impressively made from 17 recycled plastic bottles.

    Shop Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Leggings, £85


  • On Running Tights

    Running leggings with pockets: OnRunning

    On Running prides itself on only using the best, research-backed materials. But they also think practically, adding a cosy pocket on the back of these leggings, and a built in key loop so you never get locked out again.

    Shop On Running Tights, £95


  • Go Train High Waisted 7/8 Gym Leggings

    Running leggings with pockets: M&S

    These great value leggings feature a secure back waist pocket and mesh phone pocket to keep your essentials safe while on the move. They’re also impressively crafted from moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable fabric to keep you cool and fresh while you run.

    Shop M&S gym leggings, £29.50


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