Sail away

Shortly after tour guide and founder of local operator Let’s Go Tour Robin Loh, 48, launched his new business venture Under Da Boat Seafood Market in June, a member of

Around the world in seven breads

If you yearn to travel during Singapore’s circuit breaker, why not soothe the wanderlust by experimenting with bread recipes from around the world instead? Then surprise mum with your fresh

Edge of the world beauty

When I flew to Ireland two months ago, much of Asia was suffering through the coronavirus outbreak, which was then quite remote from the rest of the globe. How the

Around the world in 15 desserts

Travelling halfway around the world for a slice of cake was something I might do without a second thought, before the pandemic. Now that swathes of the world are locked

Icy thrills on two wheels

Today, airports across the globe are deserted. Much of humanity is in lockdown. Yet when our all-woman expedition team landed in Greenland on March 4, there were no cases of