At some employers, working from home is no longer an option.

Jay Foreman, chief executive of the toymaker Basic Fun in Boca Raton, Fla., is among the employers who don’t believe the pandemic has fundamentally reordered the way millions of Americans should work.

They are recalling their employees even as the coronavirus surges in parts of the country, arguing that a balance can be struck between safety and the need to reunite under one roof, Nelson D. Schwartz reports for The New York Times.

Some employees have come back eagerly after the distractions of working from home. Others have done so reluctantly after asking for a bit more time. And at least one of Basic Fun's employees has found another job rather than face returning to the office.

Mr. Foreman is not a mask doubter or a coronavirus skeptic. Nor is he a fan of President Trump, who has questioned the efficacy of masks and criticized the lockdowns that have forced many employees to work from home.

But he believes the necessary steps — like mandatory masks, and desks that are spread out, with hand sanitizer stationed throughout the office — have been taken to ensure his workers’ safety. And that means his employees no longer have a choice to stay home.

“We’re back together working as a team,” he said. Mr. Foreman expects the effects of the pandemic to continue for another year, at least, “but there is no way business will be able to be as efficient working from home as when employees are working together.”

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