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A sense of joy and optimism are key pillars of Nicky Zimmermann’s namesake label. Each season she brings forth new interpretations of the feelings through enticing, detailed feminine fashions; for resort, the ideas of escapism and memory stood at the forefront.

“It started with wanting to create the most amazing memory and feeling of what the best vacation is — the feeling of being in a perfect moment, creating that anticipation, fun and laughter — everything you love about the holiday,” she said. “I have those moments where I sit back and think, ‘This is awesome, I’d love it not to end.’ Although it always does. To try and create those memories was very much the starting point of the collection. I was able to draw on those elements visually — the color, print, silhouette. I also wanted something that felt a little nostalgic, because for me, it was about memory and the hope of what’s to come.“

The idea of memory influenced Zimmermann to look back to the 1950s, where she came across the artful Australian travel advertisement posters by James Northfield. Working with his estate, Zimmermann translated his nostalgic works into something not only wearable and beautiful, but also fun and different. The synchronization of memory and escapism swirled together in the form of postcard printed fashions: a tote advertising the landscape of Lorne, a painterly pink button down dress featuring the Australian waterscape, collaged style prints of the varying posters on a ruched dress or easy separates, and more. 

Zimmerman Resort 2022

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The 1950s era also lightly influenced silhouette — Zimmermann layered dyed-to-match tulle petticoats beneath little linen dresses with nipped-in waists to add volume. Designed to be removable, the linen frocks looked just as sweet for day layered with a printed bikini or the collection’s vacation-ready separates (a nautically striped skirt; bouncy white frocks with sailboat, jellyfish, seahorse embroideries and bouncy “rolled wave” hem; easy Hawaiian-esque shirts, etc.).

Beyond her now signature, summery 3D floral embroidered appliqués, Zimmermann injected artisanal details through fringed strands of shells (also cut into lightweight 3D appliqués), chunky charm baubles, raffia covered buttons and hand-woven crochet silhouettes. To round out the collection, the designer offered flounced printed ombre gowns emulating the palettes of sunrises and sunsets.

“I think creating those special moments and personal touches for our customer is very important to us,” she explained. “Something that is going to become part of a memory of your holiday. That is basically where the whole collection came from and why each piece has such individual detail — be it in the print or in the texture. Something that is really a motive and becomes a part of your memory, hopefully of a good time.”

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